Galaxy Note FE’s 400,000 Units Sold Out, May Arrive In International Markets

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Samsung had started the sales of the Galaxy Note Fan Edition at the beginning of July. Only 400,000 units of the Galaxy Note FE was made available exclusively in South Korea. Fresh report coming from South Korea media reveals that Samsung has successfully sold all the units of the Note FE.

Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition

The Galaxy Note FE is built with the components of the recalled units of the Galaxy Note 7. Hence, it is also called refurbished Note 7. The South Korean company does not intend to sell the Galaxy Note FE in the home market again. However, there is a possibility that the phablet may sold in some international markets.

The Galaxy Note FE has almost the same specs as the Note 7. However, there some differing features such as Bixby AI and a smaller battery of 3,200mAh capacity. The original Note 7 came with a 3,500mAh battery. On investigating the Note 7 explosions, Samsung had found that the issues were caused because of the faulty batteries. Hence, the company has added smaller batteries in Galaxy Note FE and also the new Galaxy Note 8 (3,300mAh battery).

Currently, Samsung is prepping on the market release of the Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea. The pre-orders of the phablet have already started and it will be available for buying starting from Sept. 15.


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