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Huawei P20 “survives” a massive 50m fall

A Weibo post released earlier today suggests that Huawei P20 just “survived” a massive 50m fall. Well, we say it survived in the sense that it did not get damaged as much as we expected. A Weibo user shared some images explaining that he was fiddling his Huawei P20 on a balcony when the phone mistakenly slipped and fell from the 21st floor which is approximately 50 m high. Upon impact with the hard floor, everybody expected this smartphone to be torn to shreds. However, that was far from reality.

The smartphone got damaged to a large extent physically. The glass display and rear got badly damaged and the rear camera was destroyed too. However, that is about what happened to this smartphone. The phone still turns on, face unlock still active while the Bluetooth, internet, and WeChat work normally. Generally, 50 m is far above the dropping standard for smartphones. This unit is “lucky” to survive.


This Weibo post went viral and it caught the attention of official Huawei. The company’s customer service responded to the user and first of all, apologized for his damaged phone. The customer care recommended that the user takes the phone to any nearby customer service center for maintenance, of course, he will need to go with his purchase voucher. What do you think about the “survival” of the Huawei P20? Let us know in the comments


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