Huawei R952 & R662 Receive TENAA Certification

by Steve Cox 0

Two Huawei phones have appeared on TENAA where they received certification. The smartphones are identified as Huawei R952 and Huawei R662 and are relatively looking like feature phones but with a large RAM size and storage space. The devices have sturdy, rugged builds and come with a numeric keyboard wit T9 functions.

Both the R952 and R662 seems to only differ in model number, slightly on the design and paint jobs but pack the same specifications. They both sport a 2.4-inch TFT display with 320 x 240 pixel resolution. The phone model listed as R952 packs a 3,000mAh battery while the one listed as R662 comes witha 2,000mAh battery. Both phone models, however, pack 2GB of RAM onboard and 16GB of storage which is expandable up to 32GB. The R952 seems to have features for wireless charging.

Huawei R952


The phones are listed as not having support for the Android OS but perhaps that could be an error. There is also a rear camera on the device which is powered by a 1.2GHz octa-core CPU.

It is not clear as to why Huawei would want to bring out this sort of phone that looks like a feature phone with its small display and physical keyboard. We sure look forward to seeing more on this soon.



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