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Live image of upcoming Meizu 15 Plus flagship reveals a near bezel-less display

Most of us had already heard that the next flagship model from Meizu will be dubbed as the Meizu 15 Plus to commemorate the company’s 15th anniversary. Although information on this highly anticipated smartphone remains vague, but an alleged live image of the device leaked today finally give us a heads up on how the Meizu 15 Plus could possibly looks like.

As seen from the live image above, the device seems to come with an extremely high screen-to-body ratio and features an incredibly slim top bezel that’s seemingly as thin as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. However, question is that where does the earpiece speaker and front-facing selfie cam goes to in this case? Perhaps, Meizu has decided to implement the same mechanism as Xiaomi to ditch the physical speaker for a cantilever piezoelectric ceramics cum digital-to-analog converter which can carry out the same job easily.

As for its selfie cam, it could be located at the bottom of the bezel just like the case of the Mi Mix 2 as well. Although some may argue that the device in picture could very well be the Mi Mix 2 itself, but the official-looking Meizu 15 Plus retailing box do add some credence to the image’s worthiness. Furthermore, reports out of China had earlier revealed that the upcoming Meizu 15 Plus will be coming with a full-screen display so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it actually looks similar to the Mi Mix 2.

Other than the leaked image above, another powerpoint slide which carries its pricing information had also been leaked. According to the slide, one of the model of the Meizu 15 Plus is expected to be priced at just 2,999 Yuan ($453), while the high-end model will stood at a slightly more expensive price tag of 3,499 Yuan ($528).


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