Nokia 2 pre-orders kicked off; Russia get it first!

by Ivan 0

The Nokia 2 smartphone which was announced in India earlier this week is now available for pre-order in Russia. As of now, only the Russian market has the live pre-order page for interested parties to pre-order this highly anticipated unit.

Nokia 2

According to the Nokia RU online store, the Nokia 2 will be coming with a price tag of RUB 7,990 which equates to around US$ 135. This however, is slightly higher than the US$ 115 price tag which the company had announced for the handset during its launch event.

Since the official release date for the Nokia 2 is around mid-November, we do expect more countries to begin taking in pre-orders for the handset in the coming days or weeks. Question is, for the amount of money you pay, would you rather get the Nokia 2 or the more popular budget smartphones in the Redmi lineup which offers better specs (other than battery life..) at around the same price?

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