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Nokia 6 Benchmark Score Appears Online, Not So Fantastic!

Nokia’s latest and first Android smartphone under HMD Global is only a few days old in the wild, but some curious geek seems to have run the device through what appears to be AnTuTu benchmark, revealing its performance capability. The photo of the device appeared online recently running the Benchmark app and in turn showing us the capability of the Snapdragon 430 chip inside the returnee device.

nokia 6

As should be expected, the score isn’t too fantastic posting a total score of 44517 points, especially when compared to the score posted by the Apple A10 chip onboard the iPhone 7 which is 190,000, or the over 160,000 points posted by the Snapdragon 821-powered smartphones like the OnePlus 3T. But then, this is a device powered by a lowly Snapdragon 430 chipset running at a speed of 1.4GHz.

The Nokia 6 has going for it, its premium, rugged body build and sleek design but it really isn’t one you’d go for if you are looking for a device with top-notch performance. Hey, its a mid-range device, so we won’t bother about the benchmark performance but continue to bask in the euphoria of Nokia’s return while we wait for a true Nokia flaship.





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  • Molnár Attila

    Compare the RAM size of the phone having A10 chipset to this one, too. And also compare the price 🙂 Add them to the average users’ needs.