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Summoners War : How to set up a strong Arena Defence team (Beginners)

Summoners War

In this tutorial, I will be guiding you guys on how to set up a strong arena team for early and mid-game players.

In setting up a Arena Defence team, there are 2 tactics which we can implement. The first one will be to stall your opponent, and the next one will be to wipe off your opponent’s Arena Offence team.

1) How to set up a stalling team for Arena Defence

The whole idea of a stalling team is to make it almost impossible for your opponent’s to tear your team apart. The key to a stalling team is to fill your Arena Defence with High HP mobs also known as tanks, as well as AOE healers.

For beginners, the 3 main mobs for an Arena stalling team is none other than the 3 farmable units : Ahman, Belladeon and Darion which can be found every Sunday from the Light Dungeon.

Ahman will heal the entire team as long as he crits whenever he hits your opponent mobs. Amazing right?

Belladeon will provide a AOE heal for your entire team. This helps to maintain the HP for your team, since Ahman’s heal should be only around 2k+ for a beginner unless you guys are blessed with strong natual 5* to help you get pass the Giants and Dragons dungeons.

Darion when awaken, will help reduce the damage your mobs receive by 15%.

For most players in the beginners Arena, it isn’t easy to kill a team like this since they usually lack single target nukers like Lagmaron or AOE nukers like Lushen so this is definitely a safe team for u get up to 1200 – 1300 pts, which is pretty decent for beginners.

For the last mob to fill up your Arena Defence, you guys have an option between Teon or Water Fairy as both of them will fits well into your stalling team.


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