Xiaomi Mi 6 Exclusive Edition, 2018 iPhone 8S to Have Ceramic Chassis

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Since the launch of Xiaomi Mi 5 Exclusive Edition (also known as Pro variant) that features a rear panel made up of ceramic, it seems that it has become a trend to release flagship smartphone with ceramic chassis. The Xiaomi Mi Mix flagship also features a ceramic body. A China-based analyst, Kevin Wang has revealed that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 will also have an Exclusive Edition made up of ceramic.

Xiaomi mi 6 kevin wang iphone 8

Fresh information suggest that the industry chain has increased its investment in the ceramics which indicates that there will be improvements in the production of Xiaomi Mi 6 ceramic Exclusive Edition as well as Xiaomi Mi Mix. The analysts have further stated that Apple may also release the alleged iPhone 8s in the next year with ceramic build. OnePlus 5 that is expected to get announced in June this year is also rumored to feature ceramic chassis.

Few years ago, midrange and budget smartphones came with polycarbonate chassis whereas the flagship phones featured metallic bodies. However, in the recent years we have seen even budget phones sporting metallic chassis.

Now that the industry chain has invested more in ceramics, more smartphones with ceramic build are expected to release soon. However, due to the high cost involved, ceramic shell may remain exclusive to flagship phones. Ceramic body are resistant to scratch as well as it can withstand high temperatures.

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