Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 to be announced in second halve of the year

by Joe 0

Last month, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun officially confirmed on his Weibo post that French designer Philippe Starck will remain as the lead designer for the upcoming Mi Mix 2, following the success of the company’s first-ever concept phone. This stir up some commotions around the web suggesting that the Mi Mix 2 could in fact be unveiled earlier this year – which will replace current the limited production model.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 to be announced in second halve of the year

However today, renowned Chinese analyst Pan JiuTang apparently revealed that the highly anticipated handset will only be unveiled during the second halve of the year, probably during the same time frame as the Mi Mix unveiling date. In the same post, he also hinted that the upcoming Mi Mix 2 could be ditching the bottom benzels, giving the device an absolute benzel-less display.

Whatever it is, we’re definitely still far away from its unveiling date so do take these rumors with just a pinch of salt to avoid disappointment!

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