ZTE Axon 7 will soon have a successor, according to the company’s Twitter handle

by Joe 0

Earlier today, ZTE USA has revealed on its Twitter handle that the company will be announcing a sequel to their incredibly successful ZTE Axon 7 flagship. Sad to say, the company didn’t disclose on the arrival of this highly anticipated handset. Whether will it be called ZTE Axon 8 remains another mystery to be cleared by the company.

Since the ZTE Axon 7 was announced back in May last year, it wouldn’t comes as a surprise to us if the Chinese company had decided to unveil its successor in the coming months. Other sources had also claimed that the new device could make its appearance during the CES 2018 or perhaps the MWC 2018 as well.

Whatever it is, we’re now certain that another big thing from ZTE is currently in the pipeline, so for now let’s wait patiently for more information on this handset.

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