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Here are some easy ways to install Android apps on Huawei smartphones without Play Store

Most of us should have at least heard by now that all Huawei smartphones released after May 2019 will no longer be pre-installed with Google Mobile Services (GMS) due to the US trade ban.

As such, we wouldn’t be expecting to see the familiar Google play store on all the recent and upcoming Huawei smartphones as well. So, how do we install Android apps on these Huawei smartphones?

Although this question may sounds daunting to non-geeky users, but there’s really nothing to be alarmed about. Installing Android apps on Huawei smartphones is really straight forward, and here are some easy ways to install apps on the device.

1. Installing apps using Huawei’s AppGallery

Huawei has developed their own Google Play store alternative known as AppGallery which is pre-installed on all Huawei smartphones. Due to its ease of us and state-of-the-art security, there are currently 400 million monthly AppGallery users around the world.

In fact, most of the popular apps and games like TikTok and PUBG Mobile are available on the AppGallery. Even localized food delivery and banking apps are available on AppGallery as well.

If you can’t find any of your apps on the AppGallery, you can even add them to the wish list within AppGallery for Huawei to review and possibly add them in the near future.

2. Migrate the apps from your old phone to the new Huawei smartphone

This is also another straightforward method which will definitely save you plenty of time. What you do is to simply clone all the existing apps on your old phone over to the new Huawei smartphone.

Steps to download apps on Huawei smartphones

Although this method will work for most of the apps, but there may be some apps which are incompatible and will not be migrated over. Some of these apps of course include Google apps like Play Store.

Other than that, this method will surely get your new device running in no time.

3. Using third-party app stores

Certainly, there will be a really small number of apps which are not available in AppGallery, and could not be cloned over from your old phone. That’s when the third-party app stores come in handy.

This method generally involves the side-loading of Android apps by downloading its APK file from third-party websites and subsequently install them on your Huawei smartphones.

Although side-loading is generally not recommended, but there are several popular third-party app stores including Aptoide and APKPure which have maintained a good track-record in terms of reliability and security.

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