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How to speed up Chrome browser on Android smartphone

How to speed up Chorme browser on Android smartphoneIf you have downloaded and tried using the Chrome browser on your Android smartphone, you may find it painfully slow and laggy at times – especially when you open several tabs at any one time. To make things worse, a pop-up that says “Chrome browser is not responding” may even appear on your device. I have to admit I always get infuriated when this happen.

However thanks to a contributor from reddit, we now know that there is actually a solution to prevent the laggy performance on our Chrome browser. According to the post, all Android apps can only utilise up to 128MB of RAM after which it’ll start to slow down and became more and more laggy. To solve this problem, you only have to follow the simple steps below to speed up the Chrome browser:

  1. Open a new tab on your Chrome browser.
  2. Type in the following string into the address bar of the new tab:
  3. A pop-up will then appear on your device. On the pop-up, change 128 to either 256 or 512.
  4. You will now find that the Chrome browser works completely fine even when you open more than 3 tabs at a time.

What the above actually does is to change the default amount of RAM available for the Chrome browser to utilize from just 128MB to either 256MB or 512MB depending on your device’s processor. This will effectively solve the laggy performance on your Chrome browser so you wouldn’t have to worry opening more tabs next time. But of course, there is still a limit to how much tabs it can support!


Source : Reddit

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