Oppo will be heading to MWC 2017 as well

by Steve Cox 0

Earlier today, Oppo has sent out their first-ever teaser for their upcoming MWC 2017 event which will kick off on February 27th next week. This means Oppo will be joining the ranks of other Chinese smartphone giant including Xiaomi and ZTE during the upcoming event as well.

Oppo will be heading to MWC 2017 as well

Although the teaser doesn’t reveal much information of what kind of smartphone it could be, but it do come with a ‘5x’ illustration which according to Chinese reports, is related to Oppo’s own ‘5x’ mobile photography technology. Of course, this wouldn’t come as a surprise since the Chinese company has always place much emphasis on their smartphone camera technology which we had seen on the Oppo N1 also dubbed as the first rotating camera smartphone, as well as the Oppo F1S which is also known as the selfie expert.

The question now is, will this highly anticipated camera technology be related to the front or rear camera, or perhaps both?

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