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Android Q to come with 3D facial recognition like Apple Face ID

Recent reports show that Google will add face recognition unlocking function similar to Apple Face ID in Android Q operating system. On the iPhone X released in 2017, Apple replaced fingerprinting with Face ID. Soon after, many mobile phone manufacturers of the Android platform began to use facial recognition for their mobile phones. However, because the Android system does not have a unified facial recognition function, most of these manufacturers have adopted two solutions: to create a more secure facial recognition system; or to use the most basic facial detection technology, but the technical security level is still low in many cases. In fact, most of the Android phone with Face ID is not suitable for financial transaction authentification.

Android Q or native 3D facial recognition: better with Apple Face ID

Perhaps soon, the Android platform will usher in a unified face recognition standard. Developers from the famous technology forum, XDA Developers, found relevant code in the initial version of the Android Q system, which may mean that Android Q will provide native support for facial recognition. This facial recognition function can be used not only to unlock the mobile phone, but also in scenarios such as payment authorization. What is more interesting is that the Android facial recognition system can also be used to log in to the application account. According to the report, the Android Q system is basically equivalent to Apple’s Face ID function, but it will be more flexible and widely used.

Google will launch a new version of the Android operating system at the end of this summer, but no one can guarantee that this facial recognition function will come with the new system. But if Google really launched this feature, it means that more Android phones will start to support more secure facial recognition. After all, not every mobile phone manufacturer has enough resources to develop its own biometric technology. If Google does the job itself, then any mobile phone manufacturer can use depth sensors or similar hardware on their devices to provide users with a more convenient unlocking and payment experience .

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