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Bitdefender launches the Antivirus Free for Android smartphones

Bitdefender launches the Antivirus Free for Android smartphonesInternet security giant Bitdefender has recently launched their latest Antivirus Free app on Google Play to fight the increasing Android-based malware threats over the past few years. As its name suggest, the Antivirus Free will not require a single penny from you – although you can upgrade to the premium version if you like the app. Like most traditional antivirus software, all you have to do is to install the app and they’ll do the rest of the job. Here are some critical features Antivirus Free will bring to your device :


Unparalleled Detection
Autopilot automatically scans any new apps that are downloaded to your Android device for viruses. Antivirus Free uses the same scanning engines as Bitdefender Mobile Security-our flagship mobile security app that has been independently certified to catch more than 99% of all viruses targeted at Android devices. This powerful scanner keeps you protected 24/7 against malicious activities.


Feather-Light Performance
Instead of downloading and storing virus signatures directly to Android devices, Antivirus Free uses in-the-cloud services to check online for the latest safeguards to outbreaks. This not only results in super-fast scans, but in close to zero impact on battery life and device performance.


Hassle-Free Operation
Don’t worry. Ever. You can sleep but Autopilot, a smart on-install scanner that checks all apps for suspicious activity, won’t. Threats and viruses are blocked before any damage is done.


If you want to try out the Bitdefender Antivirus Free, you can download the app straight from Google Play. But do make sure you only have one antivirus app running on your device at anyone time to prevent excessive usage of your device’s RAM.



Source : Google Play

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