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Capture and create billion colour stories with Find X3 Pro

Colour provides the building blocks for some of our earliest memories and it is an integral  part of our relationship with the world. As children, we are taught to recognise the things  around us by the colours we see. Colours are also some of the first words we learn and  the way we identify with the different aspects in our daily lives. 

As we grow, colour continues to impact and enrich our experiences, which is why at  OPPO, we are on a mission to ensure that you can capture and relive those memories with  the same vibrancy and realism as you first experience them, and we want you to be able  to do it all from the smartphone in your pocket.

OPPO Find X3 Pro Render

OPPO has had a long-standing legacy in class-leading displays and cameras. Find X2 Pro  was a pioneer in its field, delivering a critically acclaimed display and a powerful Ultra Vision camera system capable of capturing rich HDR video. It brought visuals to life with  pro-level accuracy and created the foundation for what was to come next.

OPPO 10-bit Full-path Colour Management

Introducing the billion colour experience 

OPPO’s Full-path Colour Management System was announced at INNO day 2020 and it  was the next step in combining a true billion colour display experience with true imaging excellence.

Now offering 10-bit colour from capture to storage to display, Full-path ensures that you enjoy an end-to-end billion colour experience, made possible by innovations across both  hardware and imaging algorithms. These advancements sit alongside 100 per cent compatibility with the DCI-P3 wide colour gamut, a professionally colour calibrated display  and HEIF support, for storing high-quality image files at only 50 per cent of the size of a JPEG. 

The result is an ecosystem committed to vivid colour perfection at every turn.

Next-generation true billion colour display 

This next generation Colour System is brought to life for the first time in Find X3 Pro. With  a 6.7-inch QHD+ (3216×1440) 525ppi AMOLED screen, delivering a 5,000,000:1 contrast  ratio, Find X3 Pro sets a new benchmark in rich colour, inky blacks and true-to-life details,  all with a striking 1300-nit brightness.

To ensure that each screen can represent the colors objectively, screen calibration must  be done. Raw data from the screen are captured with optical instruments to generate a  high-precision 3D-Lut file. The indicators including Gamma value, range of color, non-linear  attributes, color crosstalk, hue, saturation, and so on will then be fine-tuned.

Ultimately, the average color accuracy of Find X3 Pro is 0.4 JNCD. This is a top-level  standard in the industry, allowing the phone to achieve true accuracy at all times.

Its 10-bit billion colour display delivers 64 times more colours than what a traditional 8-bit  display is capable of and ensures that Find X3 Pro is one of the most evocative and  immersive mobile screens you can find in the market.

OPPO True Billion Colour Display

This is bolstered by a super smooth 120Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate, which can intelligently  adapt Find X3 Pro from 5-120Hz based on what is displayed on-screen. This is made  possible with Find X3 Pro’s power-efficient LTPO panel, improving on Find X2’s ground breaking display by offering an even higher screen refresh rate.

The result is a faster, smoother viewing experience, whether you are enjoying the latest  mobile game or scrolling your fast-moving social newsfeed.

The Natural Tone Display also ensures a comfortable visual experience whenever you are using it. Promising automatic 8192-level brightness and temperature adjustment, Find X3 Pro can smoothly and steadily selects the screen colour and brightness level to suit the  ambient light of your surroundings.

You can even let Find X3 Pro make the most of whatever you are watching. With OPPO’s  O1 Ultra Vision engine in the driving seat, Find X3’s Super Resolution feature upscales poor  quality video (480p or below) to 960p, with HDR Video Enhancement recreating the effect  of rich HDR content with SDR footage.

OPPO Find X3 Pro Camera System -1

Inspired by colour 

A class-leading screen is an integral part of a smartphone, but it is Find X3 Pro’s dual  primary cameras that truly bring OPPO’s Full-path Colour Management System to life. Find X3 Pro’s dual primary camera empower creators to capture more of what counts with  billion colour photos that are perfectly processed to be enjoyed on Find X3 Pro’s ground breaking billion colour display.

However, it takes a lot of effort to be the first in the industry to be able to capture 1 billion  colour. As Android only supports the decoding of 8-bit images, 10-bit image data cannot  be processed correctly, and the image data will be cut down to 8-bit. 

This is when OPPO came up with an idea of developing a path that can process 10-bit  image data. As the native image decoder cannot process 10-bit image information, OPPO had to restructure the decoding framework, and modify the native decoder to develop a  new decoding solution.

But that is just the first step. After decoding is done, we will need to modify the storage  data to come up with a new storage structure. Eventually, adaptation is done at the  rendering layer. It is with all these breakthroughs that we enabled a full-path processing  of 10-bit image. 

Up until now, OPPO is the only smartphone brand that achieves a full-path 10-bit image  capture that can bring end-to-end support for 10-bit.

Both the wide angle and super-wide angle cameras on Find X3 feature a Sony IMX766  50MP sensor for rich, billion colour 10-bit capture, while its 4K BT 2020 colour gamut  supports in-depth manual controls that can transform Find X3 from a smartphone to a videographer’s best friend.

An expert combination of OIS and EIS ensures that your video content is always Ultra  Steady. With an adjustable frame rate of up to 60fps, your video footage will always be  smooth even when filming in 4K.

While Find X3 Pro’s extensive manual controls are great for professional grade tweaking,  the AI automatic video enhancements can ensure that you get a rich, pro-grade result  with minimal effort. Just point and shoot at whatever you want to capture and Find X3  Pro will make expert decisions on its settings based on your subject and surroundings.

As you would expect, attention to detail is critical when it comes to photography. With the  most advanced mobile focus technology in the market, Find X3 ensures that you enjoy  360 degree, 100 per cent focus pixel coverage for super sharp imagery every time. 

The 60x magnification microlens uncovers the beauty hiding at miniature level, while Find  X3 Pro’s RAW+ support is the first of its kind on an Android smartphone to allow more  room for post-processing and reproduction than regular RAW files. The format also works  with the colour temperature sensor to ensure supreme colour accuracy with every shot.

Such an incredible camera comes together with Find X3 Pro’s next-generation display to  produce a phone that puts vibrant colour, outstanding details and rich human experience  at the forefront. By understanding and respecting the importance that colour plays in our lives, Find X3 makes billion colour stories a reality, from creation, to encoding, storage,  decoding and display, all in one superb device.

*This featured story is provided by OPPO.

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