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Do you experience any overheating problems on your Nexus 4?

Do you experience any overheating problems on your Nexus 4?If you do experience situations whereby your LG Nexus 4 gets so hot that it automatically shuts down itself, I’m glad to say you’re not alone ( no pun intended though ). According to a post on Reddit, it is stated that once the Nexus 4 reaches a temperature of 60 degress Celsius, it’ll somehow manage to shuts down itself to prevent any damage done to the battery due to the overheating. Furthermore, Issue 40334 from the Google Code also has a discussion on this problem which till now, has yet to effectively pinpointed the root of the cause – though most agreed that excessive 3G usage and talk time are the main cause of the overheating.


However if you do experience such overheating problem frequently, I would advice you to bring the Nexus 4 to the serviceĀ  center – hopefully there will be a one-for-one exchange for you.


So are you one of the unlucky owners to experience such downtime on your Nexus 4?


Source : Reddit

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Gabriela Lamberti August 7, 2014 at 5:31 pm

I have the same problem but with my Motorola Razr HD XT925. The service people can’t seem to fix it. I am now getting a Samsung S4.


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