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Five Reasons Why We Love The Nothing Ear (1)!

While many of us probably spent more than half of our life listening to our favorite songs through a wired earphones, the lack of 3.5mm headphone jack in recent smartphones and laptops has handed us an opportunity to explore those on the other side of the realm – TWS earbuds.

This inevitably lead to an increase in demand for these earbuds which is why major smartphone makers like Xiaomi, Vivo and OPPO had also recently dipped their toes into the wireless earphones market.

We’re therefore spoilt with choices when it comes to TWS earbuds, especially when there are so many new models being launched every month. However, if we’re talking about innovative earbuds that really stand out of the crowd, then there might not be plenty out there except for few like the newly announced, Nothing Ear (1).

Nothing Ear (1) Design -5

Despite being the first product launched by Nothing, a London-based company founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, the Nothing Ear (1) is a fantastic TWS earbuds with many attractive features that make it worthy of it’s S$179 asking price in Singapore.

After spending more than two weeks with the Nothing Ear (1), we think it’s a good idea to share with our readers five of our favorite features of the new Nothing Ear (1). Without further ado, let’s check them out!

An Innovative Design That Impresses

While it’s true that audio quality is probably the most important aspect of a TWS earbuds, but there’s also an increasing emphasize on the design of these earbuds as many are beginning to see them also as a fashion accessory that could match their daily outfit.

Nothing Ear (1) Design -2

If you belongs to this group of users who demand a good-looking earbuds, then the Nothing Ear (1) certainly fits the bill. On the outside, the Nothing Ear (1) do shares some resemblance to Apple AirPod Pro, especially when it comes with a rather similar-looking stems and silicone ear tips.

Nothing Ear (1) Design -1

However, you’ll be quick to notice the obvious different between the two when you take a closer look. That’s because the Nothing Ear (1) employs a semi-transparent design that allows you to have a peek into some of it’s working internals.

Although this is something I’ve seen before in smartphones and gaming desktops, but it’s actually the first time I came across such design on a earbud. It’s a refreshing and funky design that goes well with most outfits be it sporty or casual.

To sweeten up the deal, Nothing Ear (1) also comes along with a matching transparent charging case which showcases the earbuds in full glory when it’s placed inside the casing. Unlike casings with glossy finish, it’s transparent charging case handles fingerprints and smudges amicably well too.

One Of The Most Comfortable Earbuds So Far

Blessed with a featherlight weight of just 4.7 grams, it’s no surprise if you hardly felt the presence of the earbuds in your ear. That’s exactly how comfortable these earbuds are!

Nothing Ear (1) Design -4

Also, there are two additional pairs of ear tips of different sizes within the packaging to ensure you’re able to get a secure fit that keep the earbuds in place even during intensive workout. As such, there shouldn’t be an issue even if you have smaller ears.

Like any other high-end TWS earbuds, the Nothing Ear (1) also carries IPX4 rating for splash resistance which basically means that the earbuds are able to withstand light drizzle should that happen when you’re out for a jog.

Excellence Noise Cancellation, Good Audio Performance

Coming to the audio side of things, we have to mention that the Nothing Ear (1) do come with a reliable active noise cancellation that works just as intended.

Depending on the amount of noise you’re intending to block out, you can pick between three distinct ANC modes with varying levels of noise cancellation for different scenarios.

Nothing Ear (1) Design -3

For instance, transparency mode allows users to remain aware of their surrounding when crossing road or cycling along a busy road, while maximum mode provides the highest level of noise cancellation that easily blocks out unwanted noise during your daily train commute.

In terms of sound quality, the Nothing Ear (1) also excels in this aspect, especially when you take into consideration of it’s price. It’s backed by a 11.6mm dynamic driver that delivers an enjoyable audio experience thanks to it’s well-balanced sound profile.

As such, it’s not surprisingly that it sounds good for a wide range of genre be it English Classic, Jazz, pop or rock music. Most importantly, it also dole out crisp and clear vocals that sound natural and refined.

Intuitive Set Of Controls

For music control, the Nothing Ear (1) does offers an intuitive set of touch controls that allows you to easily pause or play music simply by performing a double tap on either side of the earbuds. Also, volume adjustments can be done by doing a downward swipe or upward swipe along the stem of the earbuds.

Other than that, you also have the ability to skip the current track by doing a triple tap on the right side of the earbuds, or return to the previous track by carrying out a triple tap on the left side of the earbuds. Finally, you can also toggle on or off the ANC by performing a long hold on either side of the earbuds.

Beyond the usual touch controls, Nothing had also paired the Ear (1) with a companion app that’s available for download via the Play store for Android devices and App Store for the iPhones.

This app not only allows users to better keep track of the remaining battery life of the respective earbuds, but also allows users to seamlessly switch between the different ANC modes or adjust the equalizer for a fine-tuned sound experience.

Battery Life That Last Through A Day

Battery life on the Nothing Ear (1) will vary according to whether ANC mode is turned on. No doubt, turning on this feature will net you a slightly shorter battery life of around 4 hours. However, if you take into account of it’s charging case, this number can goes up to 24 hours with charging in-between.

In the absence on ANC, you can well expect these numbers to jump from 4 to 5.7 hours without charging case, as well as an increase from 24 to 34 hours with charging case. It doesn’t have the best battery life for a TWS earbuds, but it’s surely more than good enough for us.

Charging-wise, the charging case can be charged either via it’s USB-C port or wirelessly through a Qi-compatible charger. It’s also noteworthy that a mere 10 minute charge via it’s USB-C port is sufficient to provide up to 8 hours of usage without ANC.


The Nothing Ear (1) might be the first product launched by the company. However, it gave us an impression that the earbuds are engineered by a company with years of experience, with many aspects done right without costing a bomb.

At just S$179, the Nothing Ear (1) boasts one of the best-looking TWS earbuds design with all the essential features like active noise cancellation, admirable sound quality, intuitive controls, IPX4 rating for water resistance, as well as good battery life and wireless charging support.

For those who’re interested, the Nothing Ear (1) is available for purchase in Singapore starting today via Nothing’s official store on Lazada

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