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Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting CASETiFY Phone Cases

Those who know me would probably know I wasn’t a fan of using phone casing in the past as I generally prefer to keep the phone to it’s bare minimum to preserve the original aesthetic of the phone. That was however, until the third or forth time I dropped my phone which resulted in a web-like crack across the screen that makes it completely unusable.

Besides the hassle of having to live without my primary phone for several days, the biggest pain is to fork out hundred of dollars for just a moment of negligence. That’s definitely a costly lesson which might not have even happened if I’d heeded my friends’ advice to use a proper casing.


It’s therefore important to invest on a high-quality phone case that’s able to protect your smartphone well for at least the next two years. Speaking of quality phone cases, CASETiFY is one of the leading case marker which offers a robust range of premium smartphone cases that not only look good aesthetically, but also provides superior protection for your smartphone.

So for those looking to get themselves a new phone casing, here are five reasons why you should totally consider CASETiFY phone cases.

A Reputable Case Maker With More Than A Decade Of Experience

CASETiFY is a Hong Kong-based company which has already been in the market for more than a decade, and is best known for their custom phone cases made from innovative shock-proof material.

Over the years, the company has partnered and collaborated with global franchises such as Pokémon and Hello Kitty, as well as renowned celebrities and Pop groups such as Olivia Rodrigo and BLACKPINK.

If that isn’t enough to show the company mean serious business, let’s not forget that it also has over 80% five stars rating from more than 40,000 verified buyers across the globe. Most importantly, CASETiFY phone casings are also widely featured among celebrities and influencers.

Countless Designs To Choose From

CASETiFY is one of the few case makers that spoil you of choices. Just for iPhone 14 alone, there are already multiple collections to choose from including those that are recently launched in collaboration with popular animation series One Piece and K-POP sensation BLACKPINK.

CASETiFY X Blackpink Promo

Within each collection, there will be multiple designs to pick from. Take the BLACKPINK collection for instance, it has a total of six different designs including a customizable “memo case” which I’d been using for the past one month (and I really love it!).

CASETiFY X Blackpink Memo Case iPhone 14 Pro
CASETiFY X Blackpink Memo Case

These memo cases are customizable in the sense that you’re able to write unique message as if it was written by their BLACKPINK idol. So depending on who’s your favorite idol within the group, the memo will be signed off by either Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.

On top of that, it also gives you the option to customize the colors of the phone cases. This actually applies to all other designs within the BLACKPINK collection.

The Protection Your Smartphone Needs

CASETiFY phone casings offer the ”military-grade” protection that’s unmatchable by any of those cheap casings which I tend to get from various ecommerce platforms in the past. To be honest, I find them even more sturdy and robust than most official casings.

CASETiFY X Blackpink iPhone 14 -1
CASETiFY X Blackpink Ultra Impact Case

Speaking of CASETiFY phone casings, they are generally grouped into three different categories: Bounce Case, Ultra Impact Case, as well as Impact Case. The former offers the highest-level of protection which allows the phone to withstand drop of up to 13 feet. This makes it ideal for those who may need to do work at height.

CASETiFY X Blackpink iPhone 14 Pro -1
CASETiFY X Blackpink Impact Case

For majority of the users however, Impact Cases usually suffice since they are good enough to withstand drop of up to 6.6 feet (2 meters) which basically means it’ll be able to survive any drop from waist to chest level. Likewise, Impact cases are also slimmer and hence wouldn’t add much to the overall dimension of the phone. Therefore, these will be great for those who doesn’t want their phone to look bulky with casing on.

In case you may not know, the casing itself is also able to protect the rear camera lenses thanks to it’s protruding bezels that surround the camera housing.

Additional Perks For iPhone Users

To allow iPhone users to take advantage of MagSafe wireless charging, most of the CASETiFY phone casings also have a MagSafe compatible variant specifically for iPhone 13 and 14 series users. Therefore, users will still be able to leverage MagSafe charging capability even with the caseing on.

They’re Not Cheap, But Cost-Effective In The Long Run

CASETiFY phone casings might not be cheap, but you can be assured that they’ll be cost-effective in the long run. Firstly, these cases are ultra-durable and is certainly able to last for several years. So instead of troubling yourself to buy a new phone cases every few months, why not invest on a high-quality phone case?

Secondly, repairing or replacing a cracked screen is a costly affair. As such, it’s certainly more cost-effective to get yourself a good quality phone casing even if they’re slightly pricier than those unbranded ones that most of us tend to get from Shopee or Lazada. Moreover, CASETiFY also offers free worldwide shipping for orders with total value of US$35.

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