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Looking back on 2020 with #CapturedOnHuawei

From entering a new decade full of hope to struggling through an unprecedented pandemic, this year has been a rollercoaster. 

Despite the hard times, we’ve grown stronger as individuals and as a nation – we explored  new hobbies, learnt to be at ease with quietness, and even gathered (virtually) to show our  best Kampung spirit. And, of course, we also celebrated traditional festivities even during the  pandemic.

Looking Back on 2020 with Captured on Huawei

To celebrate the end of the year, we are bringing a collection of good memories captured on Huawei’s LEICA cameras. From behind the lens of Huawei smartphones, passionate photographers revel in the good moments we’ve all spent with loved ones.

January: Hello, 2020!

As January introduced the new year, Singapore coloured the skies with fireworks and the streets with lights and decors. We counted down and watched the vivid explosions scatter in the skies, mentally going over our new year’s resolutions.

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After welcoming 2020 with our resolutions and wishes, we started feasting our hearts away during Chinese New Year, awing at the big rats that greeted us everywhere and searching for boards that predicted our fortunes.

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February & March: Our last trips (for now)

With the new year’s excitement and rejuvenation, we made plans to celebrate new beginnings and got ready to check off exciting adventures on our bucket lists! We packed our bags and travelled to cities around the world, snapping beautiful moments for keepsake. But who knew these pieces would be ones we’d have to hold on to for the rest of 2020?

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We’re definitely grateful for the places we’ve experienced and will hold these memories dear to our hearts.

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April: Circuit Breaker

Unfortunately, news on the Covid-19 virus worsened which brought us into a lockdown in April.

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As we adapted and streets quietened, our creative bulbs came on as we explored fun stay-home-friendly activities.

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Pets have also never been happier to have their owners at home 24/7, no more woeful  waiting for 8+ hours!

However, pet grooming services were considered non-essential and pet parents had to improvise. This sparked conversations within the pet community,  professional groomers and pet parents expressing their concerns as grooming is essential  for animals’ wellbeing. Many definitely fostered a newfound respect for groomers.

May: Ramadan & ‘Supermoon’ Flower Moon

In May, our Muslim friends continued observing Ramadan and the streets along Bugis and mosques lit up with beautiful colours as the hours approached Iftar Time.

Also, on May 7th, we witnessed the full ‘Flower Moon’ which was the last of 4 ‘supermoons’ this year according to NASA!

The gleaming moon in the night sky blended with the colourful lights that lit up at Iftar Time, definitely a sight to remember.

June & July: WFH & Kampung Spirit

Working from home has definitely been a hurdle for many, especially those who started their employment during the pandemic. Rising early and watching the sunrise from our windows became a daily occurrence. We’d cuddle our pets more or go on walks and busked in the scenery to recenter ourselves.

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Amidst tough times, we also saw a nation come together to support local-owned businesses and give back to the community. Kampung spirit!

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August: Singapore turns 55!

In August, we hung our red and white flags with pride to celebrate Singapore’s 55th year of  independence.

It was a very special national day as the army tank paraded the streets and we gathered at windows and by the roads to cheer on the nation.

Although there were no physical events, the city still lit up and celebrated the occasion together.

September & October: Catching up with friends

With a sigh of relief, restrictions gradually eased, and we caught up with friends as if we hadn’t spoken in years and the streets started busying themselves once again.

We started patronising the beach, cafés, river safari and more places that were barren for months.

Of course, we couldn’t forget our festive seasons and delicacies from mid-autumn festival mooncakes to the vibrant Diwali streetlights – these definitely contribute to the joys of living in a multi-ethnic country!

November & December: Alas, the end of 2020

In a blink of an eye, the year has flown by and many of us continue to alternate between working from home and going back to the office as Singapore’s restrictions lessen.

Here’s to us and all we’ve pulled through as 2020 comes to an end and festive decorations light up! Let’s continue to spread joy and stay safe during the holidays.  

Once again, happy holidays and wish you guys all the best for your endeavors in 2021!

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