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OPPO’s Billion Colour Journey Continues

Colour is the way we see the world. Through colour, we make and remember our fondest memories. Rooted in human experience and history, the world has always been a rich spectrum of colours. Adventurers and explorers have celebrated its vibrant wonders for thousands of years, and colour is why OPPO is always pushing the boundaries of smartphone display development.

At OPPO, we won’t rest until you can hold the richest, most colourful experiences the world has to offer, in all their glory right in the palm of your hand.

OPPO Find X2 paves the way for Find X3 and its display excellence

OPPO Find X2 was the first smartphone to deliver both crisp QHD+ resolution and a silky smooth 120Hz refresh rate simultaneously, with pro-level colour accuracy. Almost a year on, its legacy still shines brightly.

OPPO Find X2 Render -1
Image: OPPO Singapore

Uncovering the ultimate in everything it displays, OPPO Find X2 brings visuals to life. Be it capturing a fascinating image, delighting in the glow of ColorOS, or immersing yourself in vivid and rich HDR video, OPPO’s Ultra Vision screen makes it clear, smooth, accurate and comfortable. 

Perfectly proportioned at 6.7-inches, Find X2’s curved screen takes immersion to another level. Slender bezels frame the action, while a slight but mighty front camera is hidden within. Meanwhile, fluid curves add to the high-end touch you’d expect from a luxury accessory.

When the industry largely continued to leverage 60Hz and 90Hz screens in 2020, Find X2 was ahead of the curve with an ultra-high 120Hz refresh rate. This resulted in games that play faster, social feeds that glide effortlessly, and an interface that feels like an extension of your fingertips.

Of course, everything needs to look crisp too, and a 1440 x 3168 resolution makes sure that the Find X2 delivers a crystal clear, 513 PPI pixel density. Supporting 100 per cent of the DCI-P3 colour gamut, Find X2 showcases smooth and seamless gradients.

Combined with HDR10+ support and a 5000000:1 contrast ratio, exquisite detail and dynamic range come together to create black colours that look inky and endless, colours that leap out and picture clarity that takes your breath away.

World-class specs are only part of a smartphone screen’s story. Find X2 represents OPPO’s, and the industry’s first endeavour into bringing a new, advanced viewing experience to consumers.

Introducing one of the first 10-bit, or 1 billion colour mobile displays, it showcases world-class hardware and software engineering. Along with pro level colour accuracy, this 2020 OPPO flagship became the benchmark for colour reproduction going into 2021, receiving critical acclaim from professional designers and photographers alike.

A billion colours from end-to-end

With Find X2’s class-leading display and imaging technology, OPPO created a perfect prelude to something incredible. After all, OPPO is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of technology. When you think your experience can’t get any better, OPPO will Find a way.

OPPO Find X3 10-Bit Full Path Color Management
Image: OPPO Singapore

This brings us to the first 10-bit Full-path Colour Management System, unveiled by OPPO at INNO Day 2020. It’s the next step in imaging excellence and a true billion colour display experience.

OPPO’s Full-path billion colour system is the first in an Android phone to support the full DCI-P3 wide colour gamut and 10-bit colour from capturing an image to storage and display, for end-to-end viewing enjoyment.

This has been made possible by improving the underlying hardware responsible for  colour reproduction, as well as upgrading OPPO’s imaging algorithms.

Professional, digital film-grade colour accuracy can also be achieved thanks to OPPO’s  screen calibration, while OPPO’s proprietary algorithm guarantees colour gamut  compatibility, supporting the 100 per cent DCI-P3 in 10-bit colour. 

Compared to a depth of 8-bits, 10-bit colour reduces the artificial visual elements  generated by gaps in colour and improves tonal graduation, enhancing the quality of  images during creation and display.

It’s also worth taking a moment to reflect on a new standard in image format excellence.  With a size of around 50 per cent that of a JPEG, the new HEIF format forms part of  OPPO’s end-to-end experience, fully supporting 10-bit image storage.

Our smartphone screens are like windows. Through them, we explore the ever-changing  fabric of our beautifully complex, digital lives. Their importance isn’t just digital, it’s  human too. We look at our loved ones on them, capture our lives through them, and  escape with them as we watch, play and recharge our mind and soul. It’s this human  need that drives OPPO in its relentless pursuit of display excellence.

Stay tuned to meet OPPO’s Find X3 and see the billion colour stories it will continue to tell.

*This featured story is provided by OPPO.

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