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Singapore: Vivo launches the New V30 Featuring Upgraded Studio-Quality Portrait Mode Perfecting Everyday Photography

vivo, a global leading technology company, today unveiled the new vivo V30, the latest flagship-level studio portrait addition to the stylish V series, in Singapore. Fitted with vivo’s slimmest smartphone with a 5000 mAh (TYP) 4-year durable battery, the new V30 introduces outstanding new color options to match users’ unique style, an upgraded feature Aura Light Portrait 3.0 for effortless portrait photography and smooth performance with a stunning bright display and long battery life.

Vivo V30 Series Official

“V series has always been synonymous with a light and simple aesthetic, a characteristic that is amplified with vivo’s groundbreaking innovations in both design and portrait photography. In a true feat of product engineering, V30 has fitted a 5000 mAh 4-Year Durable Battery in the signature slim frame, ensuring long battery life and unique style,” said Mr Liu Hong Bin, vivo Singapore CEO. “We have also upgraded the Aura Light Portrait 3.0 feature, bringing a truly powerful tool to help users easily capture stunning portraits, even in challenging low-light night conditions.”

Studio-level portrait photography at your fingertips

V30 elevates portrait photography with upgrades in Aura Light Portrait 3.0, in terms of both hardware and software, for an incredible studio-like precision targeting issues frequently seen in everyday photography, such as low light, complex lighting, and inaccurate color reproduction.

The upgraded Aura Light 3.0 feature provides a light-emitting area that is 19 times larger and 50 times softer than a standard flash. The softer yet more powerful light helps capture vivid details, even preserving the delicate texture of the subject’s skin.

In addition, the integrated Smart Color Temperature Adjustment feature enables the device to intelligently identify and adjust the color temperature based on the subject’s surroundings, offering a nearly 20% broader color temperature range compared with previous iterations. As a result, the ambient light does not affect the subject’s features and the colors tones are harmonious with the environment.

V30 supports Distance-Sensitive Lighting that can detect the subject’s distance in real time with centimeter-level precision to adjust the Aura Light 3.0 brightness, allowing users to capture perfectly-lit portraits in a breath. When the subject is close, the light is softer and more balanced, and the light is brighter when the subject is further away, allowing for effortless portrait photography.

The innovative Aura Light 3.0 also helps enhance special creative photography modes, such as Food Mode, which is designed with foodies in mind. Using Aura Light 3.0 and the newly added 3D virtual fill light, this mode helps users capture food snaps in mouth-watering fine details even in dim restaurant lighting.

Powerful camera setup with breakthrough sensor technology

V30 comes with a strong camera setup, including a VCS True Color Main Camera, a 50 MP AF Ultra Wide- Angle Camera and a 50 MP AF Group Selfie Camera. For powerful night scene photography, the 50 MP VCS True Color Main Camera is fitted with a 1/1.55″ sensor offering flagship-level light sensitivity, supported by super Optical Image Stabilization. Taking a significant stride in enhancing photo quality for slim smartphones, vivo has helped re-engineer the image sensor based on vivo’s human eye bionic standards and has enhanced the filter materials and pixel optical structure in close collaboration with the sensor manufacturer. The vivo-exclusive Camera-Bionic Spectrum (VCS) technology enables the camera’s vision to be closer to that of the human eye. This improves image purity by 25% and color reproduction by 15% compared to the previous generation.

The 50 MP AF Ultra Wide-Angle Camera features Auto Focus and 119┬░ wide angle, allowing users to effortlessly capture expansive landscapes or special moments without missing a beat. It is V series’ first 50 MP ultra wide-angle camera equipped with Auto Focus and boasts 6.25 times the pixel count of the more common 8 MP wide-angle camera. What’s more, the camera also features AI Group Portrait for group photos, ensuring the clarity of up to 30 people in the portrait. For equally vivid selfies with friends and family, the 50 MP AF Group Selfie Camera supports Auto Focus and a wide angle of 92┬░ to comfortably fit more people into the shot.

Making video easy with creative modes and tools

V30 empowers users to effortlessly explore their creativity, providing the tools needed to shoot and edit professional-grade vlogs with ease. The Aura Light Portrait Video feature of V30 enhances video clarity in low-light conditions, therefore the portraits become clearer and night scenes brighter. With the Hybrid Image Stabilization (OIS + EIS) feature, the device excellently performs thousands of stabilization computations per second, ensuring smoother and more stable footage. Additionally, the powerful Micro Movie provides a one-stop solution for video creation, offering a variety of video effects and optimization features to simplify the editing process.

Ingenious slim and light design with a simple and elegant aesthetic

Designed with style and practicality in mind, V30 combines a thin and light look with a large battery for uninterrupted performance. At 7.45 mm, V30 is vivo’s slimmest phone with a 5000 mAh 4-year durable battery to date. To incorporate a large-capacity battery into the slim frame, V30 employs an industry- leading One-Piece Encapsulation Technique, which involves reconfiguring the battery casing to make it thinner, creating additional space for the battery cells. This cutting-edge approach allows V30 to maintain its sleek profile while offering exceptional battery life. V30 is 12% thinner on average compared with other smartphones featuring 5000 mAh batteries, making no compromises on aesthetic and long-lasting performance. Additionally, with a comfortable Cushioning Structure 3D curved screen design for improved grip, V30 is easy to hold for extended periods of time.

V30 debuts new Color, Material, and Finish (CMF) innovations to bring a brand-new design experience to users with a range of outstanding colors and textures. Adopting V series’ iconic, simple and elegant look, the designs of V30 are paired with unique process innovations that bring each color to life. The Petals White edition has a 3D Petal Pattern created by engraving 13 million tangent lines into the surface using photolithography. The innovative process adds depth and dimension to the phone’s surface, creating a dynamic and intricate look inspired by blooming petals. The Green Sea edition features a greenish-blue color on a sleek glass surface, featuring a stunning water ripple pattern. The effect is achieved using a Rippling Magnetic Particle process, which involves meticulous control of tiny magnetic particles in the flowing resin to create the sparkling water ripple effect, evoking a sense of movement and fluidity to the design.

Seamless performance and long battery life, perfect for all-day use and entertainment

Introducing leading battery technology, V30 has doubled its battery lifespan. Even after 1600 charge- discharge cycles, the battery capacity remains above 80%, maintaining a battery lifespan of four years. For smooth daily use, the 5000 mAh (TYP) 4-year durable battery supports up to 23 hours of standby time and can be fully charged in just 48 minutes, owing to the 80W FlashCharge. Coupled with the Qualcomm Snapdragon® 7 Gen 3 and enhanced with upgraded Extended RAM 4.0 technology, V30 delivers smooth, uninterrupted performance for an exceptional multitasking experience.

V30 features a 120 Hz 1.5K AMOLED Display for a stunning visual experience perfect for entertainment. This ultra-clear AMOLED display, combined with a Cushioning Structure 3D Curved Screen and a 120 Hz refresh rate, ensures peak smoothness. Even in strong light, the display is clear and visible at all times, with peak brightness reaching an impressive 2800 nits. With incredible visuals, users are also protected with flagship-level eye protection, making the viewing experience enjoyable and comfortable for extended periods.

For peak performance, V30 includes an Ultra Large Smart Cooling System that incorporates a large vapor chamber of 3002 mm2 to achieve multi-layer efficient heat dissipation. With 11 built-in temperature sensors for real-time detection, V30 is able to handle intense scenarios, such as mobile gaming, giving users smooth and stable performance.

V30 is built to last with enhanced durability for ease of mind. The device is designed with a comprehensive cushioning structure that helps with drop resistance, protecting all components inside and out. A high-performance “Schott ?” glass ensures superior screen strength, while the 2.5D glass lens on the rear camera module is shielded from potential damages with a higher metal bezel. Furthermore, alloy material on the corners strengthens the device to keep it structurally intact. V30 has an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance.

Pricing and availability

The vivo V30 will be available in two colour options, Petals White and Green Sea. The recommended selling price for the V30 is S$699 (without contract). It will be launched on 23 March and can be purchased from vivo official online stores on Lazada and Shopee, telcos including M1, consumer electronic stores including Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, other authorised sellers, and vivo concept stores at Bugis Junction, Causeway Point and NEX.

Pre-orders for the vivo V30 is available from today through 22 March. Consumers who pre-order the V30 from vivo official online store on Lazada and Shopee, or vivo concept stores at Bugis Junction, Causeway Point and NEX can receive a pair of vivo TWS 3e earphones (valued at S$69), terms and conditions apply.

Press Release by Vivo Singapore

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