How to install custom recovery on the HTC Desire 600

How to install custom recovery on the HTC Desire 600Interested to install custom ROMs on your HTC Desire 600? Then you’ll have to first install custom recovery onto the device before you can begin flashing custom ROMs on it. So if that’s what you want, then follow this tutorial closely on how to install custom Recovery on the HTC Desire 600.


However before we begin I would like to warn you that while you install custom recovery on the device, there is a risk of brick any form of damage on your device. Its a good practice for you to backup your device to an external source apart froing your own device. So if you still want to proceed, you’ll be doing it at your own risk and we will hold no responsible form your own SD Card.


  1. Download both the CWM Recovery and Fastboot.
  2. Extract Fastboot archive to your desktop.
  3. Turn off the HTC Desire 600.
  4. Turn on the device by pressing both the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously for a moment.
  5. From the screen, select Fastboot.
  6. Connect your device to the PC using a USB cable.
  7. Open the command prompt from your PC.
  8. On the command propmt, type in the following command : fastboot flash recovery  recovery_PhilZ_by_SPaWn.img
  9. Once done, reboot your device.
  10. Congratulation! You’ve successfully installed the custom recovery on the HTC Desire 600!


This is how you install custom recovery on the HTC Desire 600. Simple as it is, so if you follow the procedure closely you should be able to install it in less than an hour.


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