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How to root HTC One M8 using the all-in-one toolkit

How to root HTC One M8Although the HTC One M8 was released less than a month, a All-in-one toolkit is already available for us to root HTC One M8 effortlessly. All credits of course goes to hasoon2000 from xda-developers, having spent hours of his time coming out with such wonderful tookit for HTC One M8 users.

In the following tutorial, I will be guiding you guys on how to root HTC One M8 in less than an hour using the above mentioned toolkit. So read on if you’re interested!

Disclaimer : During the process of rooting, there is always a risk for you to brick your Android device. So if you choose to root your device, you are doing it at your own risk! Your device warranty will also be voided after rooting.

Prerequisites before you begin rooting HTC One M8

  1. Download and install the All-in-one toolkit on your PC. You may want to download Winrar to extract the files.
  2. Make sure you have unlocked the HTC One M8 bootloader. If you have yet to do so, you can head down to HTCdev and unlock it.
  3. Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging from your device’s settings (But before you do that, go to Settings > About > Software Information > Tap on the build number until it tells you you are now a developer.)
  4. Make sure there is at least 80% battery remaining in your smartphone.
  5. Back up the HTC One M8 smartphone.

Follow the steps below on how to root HTC One M8

  1. Open the All-in-one toolkit on your PC.
  2. HTC One M8 RootOn the program, select the recovery you want to flash on your device at the top right corner. Once you have selected, click on the Flash Recovery button.
  3. Your device will then boot into Fastboot mode. At this point of time, you should see a command prompt on the screen which you have to close it before proceeding.
  4. Once done, there will be another command prompt on the screen informing you that you’re done. Close this command prompt as well.
  5. Next, reboot your device.
  6. After you have rebooted your device, select the Perm Root option under the Extras section at the bottom right of the program. Once selected, click on the Run button.
  7. Close the first command prompt after you see a file has been transferred.
  8. Your device will then boot into recovery.
  9. On the recovery menu, select the Install option.
  10. Next, select the and flash it.
  11. Finally, reboot your device.
  12. Congratulation! You’ve just rooted HTC One M8!

Below is a video of how to root HTC One M8. Watch it if you couldn’t catch any of the steps above. *This video isn’t made by me by the way.

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