HTC U12+ pricing leaked ahead of unveiling

by Joe 0

HTC U12 Plus

Most of us had already heard that HTC will be unveiling their latest HTC U12+ flagship on May 23rd later this month. Right now, a Taiwanese news outlet had apparently revealed the pricing of the upcoming handset before the device was even made official.

According to the eprice, the HTC U12+ is expected to arrive in two different versions that has 64GB and 128GB internal storage space respectively. For the 64GB model, it will come with a recommended price of either NTD 21,900 ($734) or NTD 22,900 ($768). The high-end model with 128GB storage space will come with a more hefty price tag of either NTD 23,900 ($801) or NTD 24,900 ($834).

If the pricing is indeed accurate, then it’ll put the upcoming HTC U12+ to be around the same pricing range as the Samsung Galaxy S9. In case you’d missed out, recently reports had also revealed that the Taiwanese smartphone maker to be skipping the U12 moniker this time round.



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