Leaked iPhone 7 Plus casing shows a dual-camera setup

by Joe 0

Earlier this morning, a new set of iPhone 7 Plus casing had been pictured in the wild, showing a dual-camera setup at the rear of the device. Apparently, these casings were manufactured by a Santa Monica based firm called xdoria as seen in the packaging.

Similar to the previous leaked prototype images of the iPhone 7 Plus, the casing seen below indeed features 2 buttons at the right which mostly like be the Volume Up and Down buttons. However unlike what was seen earlier, there is a mysterious button at the left of the casing which probably belongs to the on/off or sleep/wake function.

iPhone 7 Plus casing 1

iPhone 7 Plus casing

The earlier leaked prototype (shown below) on the other hand, doesn’t come with any noticeable button at its left.

iPhone 7 Pro 3

Alleged iPhone 7 Plus prototype

iPhone 7 Plus casing 2

Sad to say, we’re unable to have a look at the base of the casing to reaffirm if the new iPhone series will still come with a 3.5mm male connector this time round.

While we admit that these are just leaked images, but the quality of the images doesn’t seemed to be any sort of photoshopped images at all.

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