Meizu M6 Note live images leaked again

by Joe 0

If you can remember, last week Meizu released a teaser which hinted that the upcoming Meizu M6 Note could be coming with a dual-camera setup this time round. Right now, another set of live images had also appeared in Chinese Weibo which reaffirmed that the device will indeed by featuring a pair of camera sensors on the rear chassis.

Meizu M6 Note Leaked Meizu M6 Note Leaked

As seen in the images above, the Meizu M6 Note will have a vertically aligned dual-camera setup accompanied by a horizontally arranged LED flash light (just like the Meizu E2) located above it. If you noticed, the camera actually comprises of a larger sensor at the top and a smaller one below it. Similar to most other Meizu smartphones, the M6 Note will also come with a pair of antenna lines near the top and bottom of the device.

Meizu M6 Note

At the base of the device, you can find a set of speaker grille located on the left followed by a USB connector as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack on the right. Sad to say, the newly leaked images didn’t show anything for the front panel so it will still remain much of a mystery for the time being even though there is a pair of alleged ones spotted two week ago.

If nothing goes wrong, the Meizu M6 Note will be set for official unveiling on August 23rd later this week.

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