OnePlus 5 TV Commercial Appears Ahead of Official Launch

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

On June 20, OnePlus will be announcing its OnePlus 5 flagship killer phone. However, on Sunday, Amazon India that will be exclusively selling the OnePlus 5 in India has jumped the gun by running a teaser ad on television. Following is the teaser that nearly lasts for 5 seconds.

The above video is of poor quality as it was reportedly recorded using a phone while the ad the was running on TV. The Indian brand ambassador of OnePlus 5, Amitabh Bachchan seems to be opening the box of the phone and looking inside it and saying “Superb” at the start of the video.

The text on the short ad reads “OnePlus 5 Dual Camera. Clearer Photos” and it also states that Amazon India will begin its exclusive sales from June 22. The video also shows the first glimpse of the entire smartphone. The Chinese firm is doing its best to build the hype around its flagship. However, the official render of OnePlus 5 suggests that it resembles a lot with iPhone 7 Plus in appearance because of which it is being criticized on various social sites.


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