Upcoming Microsoft Lumia 850 spotted in the wild

by Joe 0

Although there have been rumors that the upcoming Microsoft Lumia 850 will be featuring an elegant metallic finish, but it seems like the latest set of leaks had proven otherwise. As seen in the image below, the device will apparently be coming with a plastic finish similar to the majority of the Lumia handsets.

Microsoft Lumia 850 Leaked 1

The front panel however, resembles the enlarged version of the Lumia 650 which was released back in February this year. Since the device uses Project Spartan as its default browser, it’s probably running on the older version of the Windows Mobile 10 as Microsoft had already officially renamed it as Microsoft Edge instead.

Microsoft Lumia 850 Leaked 2

Microsoft Lumia 850 Leaked 3

Like what was previously purported, the Lumia 850 will probably come with a 5.7-inches display judging by the leaked images above. Sad to say, the images above doesn’t seems to coincide with previous rumors that it will be sporting a 1080p display – probably with a 720p screen resolution instead.

Right now, there is still no concrete news on when this mid-range device will be unveiled although it will definitely be outed by the end of the year.

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