Upcoming Vivo X20 promotional poster had been leaked

by Steve Cox 0

We’d already heard that Vivo is currently prepping another pair of high-end smartphone which is slated to be announced somewhere during the forth quarter of the year. This smartphone according to reports, is none other than the Vivo X20 as well as the X20 Plus which were previously seen in a set of leaked power point presentation slides.

Vivo X20

To keep the hype on, an alleged promotional poster for the Vivo X20 had also been leaked today – revealing the device’s front panel in full glory. Just like what had been touted previously, the Vivo X20 seen here indeed features a benzel-less display and has a dual-camera setup at the front as well. From what we’d learned so far, the Vivo X20 could be the first smartphone from the company to feature their under-screen fingerprint scanner technology which was showed off during the Mobile World Congress held in Shanghai earlier this year.

That however, isn’t the only highlight for the upcoming Vivo X20. According to earlier reports, the Vivo X20 will be coming with a total of 5 camera sensors with two at the front as well as three at the back which are arranged in a vertical fashion on the top left corner of the rear chassis. Although there isn’t any official information on its specs so far, but the rumor mills have it that the device could be powered by the Snapdragon 835 SoC and has 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage space on board.


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