Users Can Now Send & Receive Files With Xiaomi’s Mi Drop

by Walaik 0

Xiaomi’s Mi Drop is a file sharing app developed by the Chinese manufacturing giant for swift and seamless file transfer to compatible Xiaomi devices. This app was quite great but it had a major setback, users can only receive files from other devices into Xiaomi devices that have the Mi Drop. This restriction reduced the usability of Mi Drop because files cannot be sent out.

However, Xiaomi has now released an update  (MIUI 9 version 8.3.8) which comes with a major improvement to Mi Drop. This Global beta ROM 8.3.8 which is open to both Chinese ROM and Global ROM assures a magnificent experience with Mi Drop. The major addition to this app is that users can now send and receive files if the two devices are connected.

With this update, Mi Drop users will now get a complete user experience with this app just like other file sharing apps. In addition, the update also fixed a bug that made it difficult to share the Mi Drop app via personal hotspot. When sharing a file using Mi Drop, users can only perform the function for which they are connected. This means that if a user is connected to receive files, he can only receive files unless he disconnects and reconnects to send files. Have you used the Mi Drop for files transfer? What are your experiences? Let us know in the comment below.


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