Xiaomi BlackShark Gaming Phone Gets Facial Recognition Feature Via New Update

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Earlier this year, Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, launched its first gaming phone in conjunction with Black Shark dubbed Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Phone. This device went on its first round of sales on April 20th and a second round commenced on June 1st. The first round of sales sold out within seconds and a lot of potential buyers had to wait for a long time for the second batch. However, CEO of Black Shark Technology, Wu Shimin, explained that this smartphone was trapped in production and could not meet the needs of all players.  Now, the company has announced that the Xiaomi Black shark gaming phone is currently releasing a new update which adds a couple of features to this device to improve its general performance.

The most notable feature on this update is the facial recognition feature. Thus uses of the Xiaomi Black Shark gaming phone can now unlock their device using their face scan. In addition, the HDR mode for gaming and video was optimized to unleash a better playback display effect for videos and gaming. The official release by the company (Black Shark) is written in Chinese but we were able to make out the following improvements and additions

  1. System stability optimization
  2. Automatic brightness adjustment enhancement
  3. Standby power consumption optimization
  4. Better compatibility with headphones
  5. Raise the phone to power display feature
  6. Three-finger screenshot feature
  7. Long standby mode
  8. Early warning for low battery

This update also solves some existing issues which include

  • Abnormal workability of some apps and games when using dual-cards and data networks
  • The issue of not receiving WeChat and QQ messages after clearing the background in multiple tasks
  • Smart Dock malfunction when the power-saving assistant is turned on
  • Failure of live wallpaper or third-party wallpapers when the background data is cleared
  • Black Shark Games Phone Updated: Add Face Recognition to unlock

Black Shark Games Phone Updated: Add Face Recognition to unlock


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