Xiaomi Launching its Much-touted Pinecone Processor on February 28

by Jed 0

Xiaomi has hinted that it would launch the much-touted Pinecone processor on February 28 in an event holding at the Beijing National Conference centre by 2.00pm (GMT +7). The company made this known via its official Weibo page.

xiaomi pinecone processor

The Pinecone processor has been the subject of series of rumors right from last year and the Xiaomi Mi 5C is rumored as the first smartphone to run on the self-developed chip. The launch invite did not state,though, if the Mi 5C would be launched along with the processor.

The details of th ePinecone processor were also not revealed but earlier rumors had tipped it as coming in two versions. One with eight cortex-A53 cores and a higher model with four Cotrex-A53 cores and four Cortex A-73 cores. The Mi 5C is said to run on the lower model and is expected to be launched this month as well.


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