Xiaomi Mi6 Plus passes through Chinese 3C authority

by Joe 0

Shortly after the unveiling of the highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi6, reports out of China had confirmed that the higher-end Mi6 Plus model had also been certified by Chinese 3C authority, carrying the model number MDE40.

Xiaomi Mi6 Plus passes through Chinese 3C authority

Initially, the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus was rumored to be unveiled alongside the Mi6 during yesterday’s launch event but much to out disappointment, that didn’t went according to what most of us have been expecting.

According to renowned Chinese analyst Pan JiuTing, the Mi6 Plus is expected to be announced two months from now and will be coming with a slightly larger display as well as improved specifications.

During the same period of time, the long rumored Xiaomi Mi Max 2 which recently had its renders leaked, could be unveiled as well.

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