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EPOS ADAPT 560 Review: A Reliable Companion for your Daily E-Meetings

Danish audio solution specialist EPOS recently made it’s debut in Singapore with the launch of it’s first wave of premium headphone offerings coming from the company’s renowned ADAPT and IMPACT series that are geared toward enterprise users and working professionals.

The launch occur at a time when we actually needed these headphones the most, especially with working from home becoming a norm due to the ongoing pandemic. There is hence a real need for most of us to get a highly reliable headphone that can handle all the daily zoom calls or e-meetings amicably well.

EPOS ADAPT 560 Design -2

The new EPOS ADAPT 560 (co-developed with Sennheiser) is one of these so-called ”office” headphones that not only offers great comfort for prolonged usage, but also delivers excellent sound quality and noise cancellation.

After spending more than two weeks with the EPOS ADAPT 560, we’d rounded up some of our favorite features as well as the key highlights of this headphone. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

A Design That Means Serious Business

The EPOS ADAPT 560 is a professional-looking headphone that comes with an understated Black-colored paintjob for it’s rounded ear cups and neckband that goes well with pretty much any formal outfit in a corporate setting.

EPOS ADAPT 560 Design -1

In terms of handling, every inches of the headphone felt premium and luxurious thanks to the use of high-quality materials for it’s casing and neckband. Likewise, it’s also worth heaping praises on how impressively light the EPOS ADAPT 560 feels on hand.

EPOS ADAPT 560 Design -3

Speaking of day to day usage, the headphone does offers a right amount of clamping force to keep it in position, without causing any discomfort around the ears during prolonged listening sessions.

EPOS ADAPT 560 Design -4

Also, the headband’s existence is also hardly felt – so you can save your skull from those uncomfortable pressure that normally builds up after several hours of usage. Therefore, there’s no denying that the EPOS ADAPT 560 scores well when it comes to design and comfort.

Excellent Noise-Cancellation

Like most of the high-end over-ear headphones, the EPOS ADAPT 560 offers an unmatchable noise-cancellation capability which most of the in-ear headphones or earbuds that we normally use for our listening pleasure are unable to replicate. That’s one of the main reasons why we have such over-ear headphones in the market despite being relatively less portable.

So why do these over-ear headphones offer better noise-cancellation? The reason lies in it’s ability to effectively block out ambient noise passively as they are able to provide better seal around the ear area as compared to those with an in-ear design.

EPOS ADAPT 560 Design -5

In fact, you’ll be able to feel the wonders of it’s passive noise-cancellation the moment you wear the headphone over your head – even without having the headphone turned on.

Of course, passive noise isolation alone isn’t enough to fully block out disruptive noise from the outside, which is why the EPOS ADAPT 560 has another feature known as active noise cancellation which intelligently cancels out distractive ambient noise in real time.

This allows users to stay focus during meeting without the need to actually dial up it’s volume excessively to overcome ambient noise.

Fantastic Sound Quality

Moving on, it’s certainly worth mentioning that the EPOS ADAPT 560 offers a fantastic sound quality which allows you to hear crisp and clear voices during meetings (partly thanks to it’s superior noise-cancellation).

Even when you’re not using it during meeting, the EPOS ADAPT 560 is also perfect for music listening thanks to it’s high-fidelity and ample bass. In other words, it’s safe to say that the EPOS ADAPT 560 is a capable all-rounder for both work and play.

Multi-Point Connectivity For Multi-Taskings

On the connectivity side of things, the EPOS ADAPT 560 has a really handy Bluetooth Multi-point support which allows the headphone can be connected to more than one Bluetooth devices at any one time.

This basically means that the headphone can stay connected to both a softphone (connected to your workstation/ PC) as well as your smartphone, and seamlessly switch between them whenever a call comes in.

Everlasting Battery Life

The EPOS ADAPT 560 is sure to impress when it comes to battery life. During my testing, the ADAPT 560 never fails to deliver at least two days worth of usage with ANC toggled on and off every now and then. Still, I believe the battery life would be even longer if I actually remember to switch it off after using.

As for charging, it takes slightly more than 3.5 hours to fill up a completely flat battery to it’s brim. It isn’t the quickest in this aspect, but is neither the slowest – so it isn’t really something we can nitpick about.


At S$469.99, the EPOS ADAPT 560 is a reasonably priced, high-end headphone which not only serves well as an excellent companion for your daily e-meetings, but is also great for music listening and binge-watching. In other words, the EPOS ADAPT 560 is an absolute all-rounder that lives up to it’s asking price.

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