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Fancy of having Google Play Apps & Services on Mate 30? Consider the VMOS App!

Previously, there was a workaround that could potentially bring the Google Play apps and services to the Mate 30 series smartphones. This method involves the installation of a third-party enterprise device manager app known as LZ Play. However, this workaround was pretty short-lived as LZ Play website had since been taken offline.

Now, a new workaround had been discovered and offers the same level of simplicity to bring Google Play apps and services to the device. This time round, it will involve the installation of a virtual machine for Android known as VMOS. Essentially, VMOS allows a device to run another complete Android system via an application. This will definitely sounds familiar to those who’d used virtualization software like VirtualBox on their PC before.

Since VMOS host a complete Android System within the app, users are free to access any Google Play apps and services including Play Store, Google Maps and Youtube to name a few. However, certain apps like Google Pay and Netflix will not work in VMOS – as in the case of LZ Play.

Apart from that, it was reported that VMOS system seems slightly laggy as compared to the regular Android platform. Furthermore, YouTube Videos were also playing at a slightly lower resolution and frame rate. This is due to the fact that the hardware resources are now being shared between two operating systems, as opposed to one single OS. Therefore, VMOS wouldn’t provide a perfect user experience for it’s users.

Similar to LZ Play, some security concerns were also raised with the use of such virtual machine. For instance, there is a need to ensure there are no backdoors or keyloggers of any sort before installing.

Amidst all these concerns, VMOS remains a promising workaround to bring Google apps to the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro smartphones. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can download it via the link here.

Source: Forbes

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