Hauwei To Officially Withdraw From The US Market

For those who have closely followed the fiasco in Huawei’s attempts to penetrate the US market, all the brouhaha may be finally coming to an end. The US government has refused Huawei official entry into the country citing “National Security” and it took several other measures to ensure that hardware from Huawei/ZTE is not used by US companies. Subsequently, Huawei vowed to double its sales in the US. Nevertheless, it appears that the Chinese manufacturing giant is tired of the situation and will be backing out of the US.


Online reports have speculated that Huawei no longer has the US in its global strategy. The reports also suggest that the company will swiftly crumble its operations in the US and it may entirely withdraw from the country by the end of this year. Though Huawei did not confirm this speculation, the company did not deny it either which shows that Huawei is likely to really bid farewell to the United States.

Huawei’s rotating CEO, Xu Zhijun said

 “Some things cannot be changed by us, so it’s best not to look too heavy so that we have more energy and time to serve others. Customers, develop better products, meet customer needs. Some things go with it, and we will be convinced.” (our translation is a little rusty).

This seems to be the right move by Huawei because there is really no need spending resources on a country which clearly do not need your presence.


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