Qualcomm To Release New Chips For Android Go Phones

American chip manufacturer has a huge chunk of the smartphone chip market and the company keeps unleashing all sort of SoCs for different purposes. Recently, it unveiled the Snapdragon 850 for PCs and that makes the second chip it is announcing this year after releasing Snapdragon 845 which we have seen in most 2018 flagship. Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, 660 and 636 are mostly used by OEMs for mid-range smartphones but for entry-level devices, SD450 and 435 suffices. Now, according to Roland Quandt, the American company is working on two new chips which are alleged to target Android Go smartphones but not exclusively. With the new low requirements for good performance on Android Go devices, it is expected that these chips will be tweaked to fit the budget nature of Android Go devices.

From the tweet released by popular leakster, Roland Quandt, the Snapdragon 438 is probably a variant of Snapdragon 625 as it uses a similar design architecture but there is no information on the SD 429 for now.

Android Go (Oreo edition)

Android Go is designed for entry-level devices. It is basically Android Oreo but it requires smaller app sizes, less storage space, and it gives way more control over how your content is stored, it’s easy to see the ways Android Oreo (Go edition) helps you save. Android Go devices usually come with 2GB of RAM tops and it is believed that even 512MB of RAM is sufficient for starters on Android Go.

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