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Realme Watch S Pro Review: A Huge Step Forward For Realme

Recently, Realme has been going all out in Singapore with tons of launches which aren’t limited to smartphones, but also smartwatches, TWS earphones and even electronic toothbrush.

While the company is better known for their value-for-money smartphones in the local market, you might be surprised that its other product range are equally impressive as well.

Realme Watch S Pro Design -1

Among the latest addition is none other than the Realme Watch S Pro – a perfect fusion of high-end fitness tracker and smartwatch that delivers every aspects of a fitness tracker along with the stylish design and smart features of a smartwatch.

It is the second installation of the new Watch S series which brings along several notable upgrades over the already impressive Realme Watch S. Priced at S$249, the Realme Watch S Pro shape up to be one of the most exciting and yet affordable smartwatch in the market.

However, does it have what it takes to become your next smartwatch? Let’s find out in this Realme Watch S Pro review!

Trendy Design, Premium Build

Although you’ll probably expect to see a simple and uninspiring design for a smartwatch for this price point, but that’s definitely not the case with the Realme Watch S Pro which continues to put design at the forefront.

Realme Watch S Pro Design -4

On the outside, the Realme Watch S Pro features a 1.39” circular dial enclosed by a chronograph-like bezels to spice up its overall design. Not only does it looks more stylish, the extra touch also sets the Watch S Pro apart from its competitors.

Its 46mm watch case is made out of premium stainless steel material that’s highly durable and offers great resistance towards scratches. Overall, the watch itself is pretty light at just 63.5 grams with wrist strap.

Realme Watch S Pro Wrist Strap

Speaking of wrist strap, you’ll get a sporty-looking 22mm silicone strap that feels soft and gentle on the skin. Most importantly, it provides enough grip to keep the watch in position during workout.

As usual, the watch strap is changeable. Therefore, you can easily replace its strap should there be any wear and tear years down the road. Otherwise, you may also get an additional leather strap to better match the watch according to your outfit.

Vibrant Display, Intuitive UI

Moving on, the touch display of the Realme Watch S Pro is an AMOLED display with 454 x 454 pixels screen resolution which offers sharp visual and vivid colors. Likewise, its also able to get really bright with a peak brightness of 450 nits that helps ensure the screen remain visible even when you’re out on a sunny day.

Realme Watch S Pro Design -6

In fact, the Realme Watch S Pro provides you the option to turn on auto brightness or manually select from 5 varying brightness level. In auto brightness mode, its ambient light sensor works like a charm by adjusting the brightness to an optimal level according to the amount of ambient light.

Since its an AMOLED display, the Realme Watch S Pro naturally supports Always-on display feature as well. While this is a really useful feature which most of us would love to have on our smartwatch, but it inevitably takes a toll on your battery life when its tuned on.

Therefore, depending on your usage pattern, you may consider turning on the raise to wake feature for checking time instead of the Always-on display if you’re looking to maximise its battery life.

For customizations, the Realme Watch S Pro comes pre-installed with several watch faces to choose from. Even if none of them suit your preference, there’s still dozens of them available on the Realme Link app where you can easily download and sync the watch face over.

Realme Watch S Pro Design -2

User interface-wise, everything is pretty straight forward. Swiping the screen to the right will bring you to a quick setting page (seen above) which include some frequently used features like the do not disturb or power saving modes. Interestingly, there’s also a flashlight feature which might come in handy at some point of time.

On the other hand, swiping the screen to the left will reveal various widgets for tracking the number of steps taken, amount of calories burned, as well as heart rate monitoring, sleep data, whether forecast and music control.

Realme Watch S Pro Interface

Finally, doing an upward swipe will open up the app drawer where can find all the available apps. To further simply things, the two pushers along the right side of the watch case also serves as shortcut with the top one functioning as a “back” key, while the bottom pusher helps to bring up all the fitness features.

Wide Range Of Health Tracking & Workout Modes

Now, let’s talk about what matters most – the variety of health tracking and workout modes available on the Realme Watch S Pro. Starting with the health tracking features, its safe to say that the Realme Watch S Pro has all the essential ones onboard.

These include automated heart rate measurement, 24-hour heart rate measurement, resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, heart rate alert, blood oxygen (SpO2) measurement, sleep detection, steps throughout the day, calories, distance, drink reminder, sedentary reminder, as well as activity records.

Realme Watch S Pro Heart Rate Monitor

In terms of accuracy, the measurements which I took were pretty much inline (or else differ by a really slim margin) from my Huawei Watch GT2 Pro. For instance, when I tested out the two smartwatches by wearing one on either side of my wrist for heart rate measurement, their heartbeat reading generally differ by two beats at most. In fact, the same observations were made even when I swapped them.

Although the Realme Watch S Pro itself already has a pretty detailed representation of data, but they can be synced over to the Realme Link app for a more intuitive breakdown and analysis of data. The way data is presented on the app is neat and well organized too.

Realme Watch S Pro Sport Mode

Coming to sport mode, the Realme Watch S Pro brings along a total of 15 different sport modes including Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Cycling, Spinning, Hiking, Swimming, Basketball, Yoga, Rowing, Elliptical, Cricket, Strength Training, Free Workout. These pretty much get you covered with most of the popular sports and exercises.

Since most of the sports mode require accurate tracking of your physical positioning to evaluate the distance you’d covered, having a capable GPS is of paramount importance. Thankfully, the Watch S Pro continues to excel in this aspect with great GPS reception especially for its price point.

Impressive Battery Life

According to Realme, the Watch S Pro is able to support up to 14 days usage based on lab test carried out under a specific usage pattern. However, I’m not able to test out this claim since I’ll be returning the review unit in two weeks.

Despite that, its still obvious to me that the Realme Watch S Pro’s battery life is really impressive. On days of light usage (with AOD turned off, raise to wake turned on) when I’m using the watch solely for checking time, heart rate monitoring and steps count, the battery drops only by around 7% to 8% which translates to nearly 13 days usage with a single charge.

However, the battery do drop between 13% to 15% on days when I worn it out for an hour run with smart notification and outdoor run tracking activated. That’s perfectly normal since GPS is known to drain battery life and the same had been experienced on my other smartwatches as well.


Based on my two weeks usage, its undeniable that the Realme Watch S Pro is one of the most attractive smartwatch within its price range. It comes with all the key fitness and health trackers, as well as sport modes that are most widely used among the consumers.

On top of that, it further sweetens the deal with intuitive smart features like social media notifications and AIoT controls. Features aside, you’ll surely appreciate the smooth and bug-free user experience on the Realme Watch S Pro. As such, the launch of Realme Watch S Pro is definitely a huge step forward for a company which is relatively new in the smartwatch space.

If you’re interested, the Realme Watch S Pro is priced at just S$249 on both Shopee and Lazada.

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