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Six Powerful Features in One Phone with the Reno5 Series!

With the world slowly recovering from lockdown, more and more people are starting to venture  outdoors. Despite the fact that most borders are still closed, people are taking the opportunity to  meet with their friends and family in safe numbers and rediscover the joys of hanging out again. 

The Reno5 series from OPPO boasts a revolutionary new camera system, with “Cameras for  Every Moment” working in tandem to produce the best shots. Here are some ways you can  create the best memories for you and your loved ones with six different camera functions on a single device!

1. Stay in focus anytime, anywhere.

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There are times when you are just trying to take a casual video, but it often turns out blurry or unfocused due to poor lighting. OPPO’s AI Highlight Video allows you to simply start shooting, without worrying about bad footage. AI algorithms automatically adjust the mode depending on what scene you are shooting in, even in low light scenarios!

2. Two is better than one camera view.

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Gone are the days where you can only shoot video with the front OR the back camera. Why not shoot with both at the same time to capture both sides of the story? For example, when you give a gift to someone, you can capture their reaction along with yours. With Dual-view Video, the video is split into two sections, allowing for smooth capture from both the front and rear cameras, at the same time! Happiness goes both ways, quite literally.

3. Literally bring your emotions to the foreground.

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In the early days of photography, double exposures used to be accidental occurrence whenone forgot to advance the film before pressing the shutter button again. This effect, while once undesirable, has now seen a resurgence in photography and the creative space. With AI Mixed Portrait, it is now possible to create double exposures right on your phone! Pro-tip: Just make sure the background you are standing against is of a solid colour for a more dramatic effect.

4. Stand out from the rest.

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In a mundane world, where fashion flows and trends keep coming, it’s easy to get stuck in what everyone else is doing. Don’t let the world take away your uniqueness! With AI Color Portrait, keep yourself and your style in focus, while the rest of the background fades away to blurred monochrome. By intelligently keeping the foreground in colour and in-focus, while intelligently blurring out the background AI Color Portrait gives users more unique shots to share on social media.

5. Pick a shade with Monochrome Video!

OPPO Reno5 Listicle -5

This one’s for the creatives. The ones who want to stand out even more than the AI Color Portrait. Monochrome video allows you to isolate one colour specifically, either red, green, or blue, and transform everything else to monochrome. For instance, if you’re in a field, you could keep the sky blue and fade everything to monochrome. Likewise, if you’re wearing red, use the red preset to isolate your clothes from everything else behind! Use your Reno5 and take shots that make heads turn on social media!

6. Neon nights, what a beautiful sight.

OPPO Reno5 Listicle -6

The Reno5 series already has the capabilities to take portrait shots even in low light, thanks to the Ultra Night Mode feature. The Night Flare Portrait mode turns the dial to eleven. Say you are standing with a city skyline behind you, but the lights are few and far between. This effect, on top of improving how you look, will saturate the colours behind you and bump up the brightness of the lights (or skyline), allowing for some truly fascinating shots. This feature must be seen to be believed.

Test the limits of your creativity without getting bogged down by subpar camera features. The Reno5 series gives you four powerful cameras working in tandem with these six features and more, to help you truly define who you really are. Pick one up and start capturing the memories the way they were designed to be taken. Feel free to post them on social media with the hashtag #CamerasforEveryMoment!

In the meantime, you can also check out our OPPO Reno5 Pro review to find out more about this exciting device!

*This featured story is provided by OPPO.

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