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Summoners War : What are the rate for getting Natural 4* and 5* ?

Summoners War

So in this post, we shall discuss about the summoning rates for Natural 4* and 5* monster. Recently, COM2US just posted their summoning rates on their Korean servers but we’re utterly disappointed since the rates they told us were too vague.


Summoners War Summoning Rate

Here is what you would see from the Korean servers. Apparently, you will have less than 1% chance of drawing a Natural 5* mobs, and less than 10% chance of getting a Natural 4* mobs.

So what does this means? After 1000s of summoning sessions as well as from the experience of other users from reddit, I’m sad to say that the summoning rate of Natural 5* are ~0.2%. Not even close to the 0.5% rate that most of the users have claimed. So what does 0.2% translates to? It means for every 500 mystical scrolls which you have summoned, you will have a chance of getting a NB 5*. But that being said, the rates are following a normal distribution across all accounts around the world. So even if you opened 500 mystical scrolls, its highly likely that you don’t even own a single one.

This explains why there are so many users complaining that they’ve yet to receive a single 5* after playing for months, while some have a dozen of them. The only enplaning for this is luck. That’s all I can say, blame it on your bad luck.

Based on mine own experience, after summoning more than 1000ms across various accounts, I got a total of just 3 5* mobs which are very closed to the 0.2% value which I had estimated after analyzing a couple of sample size from reddit as well.

As for the Natural 4* mobs, I would say that the rate is around a mere 7%. For pretty sure across 4 premium packs, there will be at least 3 lightnings be it a 4* or a 5* if you’re lucky. That being said, around 20-30% of the 4* are sadly awakened 3* mobs – which are just food, nothing good but food. This is based on my latest 100ms summoning, as well as the past summoning sessions which I noted down.

Out of the 100 summonings, I got 7 4* and absolutely ZERO 5*. The 4* I got is Fire E. Priest, awakened Water Martial Cat, Hwa, Water Ninja, awakened Water Magical Archer, Fire Wind Dancer, and finally a Wind Brownie Magician (the only one which I appreciate to be honest since the rest are either useless to me or I already have it in my storage like Hwa).

However, even though the rates are low but based on probability on the long run, I’m pretty sure you will get yourself a Natural 5* sooner or later like what I did – a Lagmaron! So don’t get too pissed off and quit too early!

Happy summoning fellow summoners!


*In the next post, I will be discussing on the rates for unknown scrolls after I have opened my 1000 accumulated unknown scrolls! Please give me tips on what you guys look forward to!

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