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Summoners War : Beginner’s Guide to EXP farming

Summoners War

In this tutorial, I will be guiding you guys on how to farm EXP using two simple methods.

  1. Add friends with 6* reps to help you clear the scenario modes.
  2. Build yourself a farming machines.


For the first method, I have to admit its one of the most difficult task because high level players are highly unlikely to add low level players who’s rep are most likely to be water Fairy…

However, there are still of course some helpful players who don’t mind adding beginners as well. Here are some common reps to look out for while you’re adding new players :

  • Lushen : This mob can help you clear Aiden Hell and Hydeni Ruin Helll. Success rate could be more than 90%.
  • Tyron : This mob can solo Faimon Hell, but it depends very much on his runes. Avg success rate I would say is around 75%. Safest measure is to farm Faimon Hard instead.
  • Julian : This mob can help you clear Hyden Ruin Hell easily with more than 90% success rate. It can solo Aiden Hell as well, but it may takes slightly longer with a slightly smaller success rate.
  • Julie : Although there are videos showing that she can farm Faimon Hell, but don’t be fooled by them. There aren’t many incredibly well runed Julie out there, so try your best to farm only Hyden Ruin Hell and Faimon Hard if you’re using her. She’s way to squishy to be honest.
  • Copper : I tried using my own Copper and have a 100% success rate in clearing Hyden Ruin in less than a minute. But bear in mind that my runes are or 6* so you may want to try Hyden Hard to be safe.
  • Briand : A well runed Briand can solo Aiden Hell easily. If you failed Aiden Hell, then switch to Hyden Ruin Hell instead. His Deadly Wave can easily clear one of the three stages immediately. That’s how cool this tanker is.
  • Arnold : I have tried using him to clear Faimon Hell using normal 5* runes and he cleared it rather easily. So maybe you guys may want to try out!

These are just some of the common reps which you guys can try adding. Of course, there are many other mobs that are capable or clearing those maps as well but like I said, these are the more common reps which you can find across the channels. Do correct me if there are any errors above! 🙂


The next method of course, is to build yourself a farming machine. If you’re blessed with any of the monsters above, then congrats it time for you guys to quickly 6* them and get them some good runes! However, those mobs aren’t easy to get so you will have to farm yourself an obtainable mobs to begin your quest.

Ramagos (Wind Warbear) : Obtainable from Wind SD



All you need is a full energy runes with good defense sub-stats, then you’re good to go!




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