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Taor (Water Chimera) spotlight – Summoners War



Awakened Water Chimera Taor are attacking type monsters with its primary use as a single-target nuker as well as an AOE nuker. They flair incredibly well in both guild wars and arena battles.


How to use Taor in Arena?

One of the most common team synergy to fit Taor is by pairing it with Bernard and Galleon (along with another AOE nuker) for a fast Arena clearing game. However, please be reminded that this synergy will probably lose out to an AD with multiple wind mobs. The most common counter for this AD will be Xing Zhe + Chasun kind of AD or an AD with first turn immunity, so watch out for that.

Things to note : Benard must move first in order to boost the attack bar of the allies, and galleon follows up with its Time To Loot skill for an AOE attack buff and an opponent’s AOE defence break.

A perfectly runed Taor will be able to deal an average of 20k damage for its third skill.


And of course his vitality in Arena has been proven by the world renowned YDCB.


How to use Taor in Guild Wars?

As in the case of the Arena Offense Wambo team above, Taor also excels with a team of Benard of Galleon! The video above speaked for itself.


How to rune Taor?

High level Taor will be runed with Fatal + Blade (Atk + Crit Damage, Speed). Although many suggests using a Rage + Blade set, but please be reminded that the second slot has been reserved for speed rune and you need high attack points in order to deal high damage with its first and third skill. Do not use rage + blade unless you really have good attack substats for your runes.



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