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US Cellular will not be carrying 32GB or 64GB Samsung Galaxy S4

US Cellular will not be carrying 32GB or 64GB Samsung Galaxy S4This may seems a bit bizarre but according to Gotta Be Mobile, US cellular has apparently confirmed that they currently have no plan of carrying the 32GB and 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. So those interested in getting the Galaxy S4 from US Cellular can only purchase the 16GB version, which essentially has only 8.82GB storage available as the pre-installed softwares and apps have already took up nearly 8GB of storage on the device.


That being said, this shouldn’t be a problem since you can always purchase a SD card for additional storage if you want to download more apps or movies onto the device. Like most other carriers, the Galaxy S4 is available only for pre-order from US Cellular at the moment. If you’re interested, then prepare to throw out $199.99 this month!



Source : Gotta Be Mobile

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JTDFW May 4, 2013 at 4:24 pm

Apps can NOT be put on the SD card. Until this phone has 32GB or 64GB of INTERNAL memory, their sales are going to lag. When you offer a 16GB phone and it is so full of bloatware that the usable memory is 1/2 what is claimed, you have a problem. And Samsung sure isn’t talking much about it, nor offering the 32GB & 64GB versions in the US, although they have them both available in other markets!


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