How to root Oppo R9 Plus in less than an hour

by Joe 3

Although there have been many tutorials out there suggesting the use of Framaroot and Kingoroot to root Oppo R9 Plus, please note that feedbacks from our readers have suggested that none of this method works for this device.

It has been confirmed by one of our editor that the Oppo R9 Plus come with its bootloader locked and fastboot is also disabled on the device.

We will keep you updated on how to root Oppo R9 Plus once again once we received any legit feedback on any method that can truly work.

Comments (3)

  1. I have an R9 Plus and I’ve had it for about a month and some change now and I’ve been scouring the for root since I’ve gotten it. Please, keep this page updated with actual root information because this phone absolutely needs/deserves it.

  2. Hi Roy! We will keep you updated once there is an actual root method available for this device:) Do share with us if you come across any usable method to root the device as well!

    1. I mostly certainly will. This phone will be an absolute powerhouse once root is available.

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