Huawei boasted their new 10 million sales record in Latin America this year

by Steve Cox 0

A few weeks ago, Huawei has proudly shared with us their 9 million milestone for their 2016’s Huawei P9 flagship and today, they’re back with another piece of bombshell. This time round, they had reached yet another milestone by crossing the 10 million sales mark in the Latin American market.


This news comes directly from Huawei’s Senior Vice President Yu Chengdong, who brought the news along with a celebratory poster of the world renowned football player Lionel Messi.

Surely, this will be a big step ahead for the Shenzhen-based firm, which has planned to open 1,500 new retail stores in the South America continent. Their vast varieties of low-end as well as mid-range smartphones, offering at a competitive price tag, is definitely one of their key ingredients for their flourishing business in the region.

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