OnePlus 2 arrived at Benchmark?

by Marc 0

OnePlus 2 arrived at Benchmark?

By now, most of us should already heard that the OnePlus 2 is set to be announce during the 3rd quarter this year. Today, it seems like this upcoming handset has made a visit to Geekbench.

Although it is listed as OnePlus One on the website, but its model number is different from the version we have currently. The current OnePlus One handset has a model number A0001, while the one listed has a number A2001 – which is probably the OnePlus 2 in disguise.

According to the website, it seems to suggest that the OnePlus 2 will be running on a 8-cores chipset clocked at 1.55GHz along with 3GB of RAM. Sad to say, there isn’t any information about its camera performance and other key specs. However, we should expect more of such benchmarks to surface in the following weeks as well so stay tune!



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