Oppo Find X Teaser Could be Hinting 5x Optical Zoom or 3D Face Unlock

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Oppo is now busy teasing the upcoming features of the upcoming Oppo Find X flagship phone. The Chinese manufacturer has released a new teaser on its Weibo account to tease a new unlocking feature on the smartphone. The text present on the teaser image suggests that the company could be hinting either hinting the arrival of 3D facial recognition on the smartphone or a periscope camera

In the teaser image, a man using a telescope to view the vast expanse of the sky. The Weibo post that contains the image reads “Galileo focused at the sky and the vast universe was unlocked.”

OPPO Find X 3D Facial Unlock

Galileo had invented telescope and the core purpose of the device is to “zoom” into the sky to view the heavenly bodies. There is a possibility that the company could be hinting the advanced zoom capabilities of the Find X. Oppo had showcased its periscope lens with telephoto stabilization technology at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 last year. The technology promised 5x optical zoom.

Oppo 5x optical zoom dual camera persicope technology

The usage of the word “unlocked” in the Weibo post also suggests that the company could be hinting the inclusion of 3D facial recognition.

Whether the Find X features 3D facial recognition or 5x optical zoom camera or both will be confirmed through the forthcoming teasers that are expected to before the official launch of Oppo Find X. The handset is slated to get official on June 19.


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