Nubia teases upcoming Nubia Z17s smartphone to be ‘true bezel-less’

Earlier this evening, Nubia Mobile indirectly teases the upcoming Nubia smartphone to be a “true bezel-less” handset by protesting against the likes of Mi Mix 2 and Vivo X20 from calling themselves bezel-less. Aside from that, Nubia Mobile general manager Ni Fei was also spotted making a Weibo post via a full screen Nubia Z17s smartphone according to the description provided by Weibo. With that in mind, we can be pretty certain that the “true bezel-less” handset that the company is pointing to is none other than the Z17s itself.

Nubia teases upcoming Nubia Z17s smartphone to be 'true bezel-less'

This of course, also confirmed on the existence of the Nubia Z17s smartphone which was touted to carry the model number NX595J which was recently certified by Chinese 3C authority. If you remember, yesterday another Nubia handset with a model number NX589J was also certified by the Chinese TENAA authority which rumors claimed it could be the upcoming Nubia Z17s.

However if you take a quick glance on the official images listed on the site, it is pretty obvious that the NX589J isn’t even close to being a bezel-less unit so it could possibly be just another watered-down variant of the Nubia Z17s – perhaps the Z17s Mini if it actually belongs to the Z17s family.


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